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A message from Year 3

The boys have worked diligently over the last few weeks to complete some awe-inspiring pieces of work that represent their acquired knowledge and understanding of animal adaptations. They have applied reading strategies to extract information from non-fiction text, consolidated their information using planning templates, and constructed well-structured paragraphs that display their overall understanding of the topic of adaptations.

In math, the boys have started their investigation into multiplication and have spent time consolidating their conceptual understanding of multiplication, different strategies to solve basic multiplication questions and are looking forward to learning new algorithms for more complicated questions. It remains strongly encouraged that parents practice multiplication strategies at home with their sons for five to ten minutes a day focusing on recall of basic facts that will help them with the application of more challenging questions to come. There are several free apps available through the app store.

Boys will be starting a novel study on the book Bunnicula and will have some reading to do at home. The assigned work will be recorded in your son’s agenda, so please encourage him to bring that to the kitchen counter or workstation each evening. This novel study is to be completed in a modelled and independent reading format meaning that the chapters will be read in class and then reviewed at home for a second pass. Boys will be given class time to complete some of their work, but some of the work will need to be done at home. Parental involvement in this can significantly impact the understanding and confidence in sharing their ideas with the class the next day.

Lastly, as March Break approaches, remind the boys that we have eight days of school remaining and to try and end this term on a positive note. Should there be any planned absences, please let your son’s teacher and Prep Attendance know. Also, please help your son remember his hat, mittens and boots every day.

Thank you and enjoy the week,

Ms. Crippin ccrippin@ucc.on.ca  and Mr. Ferley  mferley@ucc.on.ca