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A message from Year 3

Students in Year  3 are in the process of wrapping up their first unit on rights and responsibilities and will soon start their second unit of inquiry, titled “Fabulous Forces.”

The central idea of the unit is that forces are always at play around us, either changing things or keeping things the same. Boys will learn about the forces of gravity, friction and magnetism. They’ll participate in investigations to help them understand that forces can cause objects to move, change direction, alter speed or change shape. During these investigations they’ll be encouraged to hypothesize, test their theories and collaborate with their peers to develop their understanding.

We’re looking forward to going on an exciting field trip to the Ontario Science Centre on Wednesday, Nov. 7 to support our learning from this unit. The boys will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops that investigate forces causing movement, as well as the importance of energy in our lives. Permission forms have been sent home and are available as a download at the top of this message. Class representatives will follow up shortly with possible opportunities to volunteer.

We’ve concluded our review on number sense, place value, addition and subtraction. While we reviewed the rules for rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1,000, we encourage parents to help demonstrate the value of estimation in real life. When determining totals for purchases in stores or the amount of time needed to complete multiple tasks, engage your sons in the process of estimating. Discuss different situations to determine whether an estimation or exact calculation is more appropriate. We’re in the middle of reviewing algorithms for adding and subtracting, with an emphasis on basic facts and their extensions to greater numbers.

Students in Year 3 are expected to memorize basic addition and subtraction facts. This foundational knowledge is important for future success in developing mathematical skills and conceptual understanding. We’re looking forward to our geometry unit, where spatial learners get to soar.

Download available:

Year 3 OSC Permission Nov 7 2017.doc

Thank you for your continued support,
Carly Crippin and Mark Ferley