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A message from Year 2

As always, it was so nice to have all of the 2F parents in for our three-way conferences last week. The conferences went extremely well and it was a great opportunity for the boys to discuss their learning with their parents as they showcased and discussed samples of their work from their digital portfolios. It greatly impressed me how well they were able to communicate and reflect on their learning thus far. Well done, boys.  I’m proud of you.

We’ve wrapped up our third unit of inquiry, “Mad about Mapping.”To showcase what they’ve learned about how the geography of a region affects how people live, the boys created a travel brochure about their continent based on their research. To demonstrate their understanding of this unit, this summative assessment provided the boys a creative opportunity to answer four questions:

  1. Explain where in the world your continent is located.
  2. How would you travel to your continent from Toronto?
  3. How do the landscape and natural resources of your continent affect leisure, lifestyle and jobs?
  4. What items and accessories would you include in your packing list?

The boys did a very good job of demonstrating their understanding of these questions and can be truly viewed as “experts” on their continents. Don’t be surprised if you get some requests to now take a field trip to these places to further their understanding.

We also had a unique opportunity to take some learning action with this unit.Upon hearing that Year 3 students were finishing their animal research projects, we teamed the students into small groups based on their continents and the animals which are indigenous to that same continent. The result was an amazing amount of shared information which the boys connected to.  We hope you enjoyed the pictures sent home on Seesaw and the boys’ write-ups that documented this experience.

Our next unit of inquiry, “Giggles are Contagious,” is sure to bring lots of discussion and laughter to your evenings.More information about this unit will come home in our next issue of Heads Up.

This has been a particularly busy week at school.Lots of events have been taking place.Some things you might want to ask your son about include our Chinese New Year celebration on Tuesday, our Valentine’s Day celebration on Wednesday, our preparations for Pink Shirt Day and, lastly, how we’re  learning to be responsible digital citizens and make a positive footprint on the Earth.