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A message from Year 2

What jobs do machines help us do?  How do simple machines work?  What are the functions of levers, screws, wheels and axles, wedges, inclined planes and pulleys? How are simple machines incorporated into compound machines? Welcome to 2F’s newest unit of Inquiry, “Marvellous Machines.

The central idea of this inquiry is “machines are designed to do work.” Students will inquire into: the physics of how simple machines work; how simple machines are the building blocks of compound machines; and the types of work that machines do.As a kick-off to the unit, the boys solved how to move a heavy box up on to a table without me lifting it.After many creative ideas and tests, we figured out that if we used a book shelf as a ramp and some rope to pull, we could slide the box up the ramp and on to the table.Problem solved.The book shelf, acting as an inclined plane, was a simple machine. 

We also conducted interviews with various UCC staff and faculty members to learn how machines have made their lives easier. We worked to define and identify the functions of various simple machines and then investigated different types of simple machines through a rich variety of non-fiction resources from our library.The boys enjoyed bringing in their own simple machines from home for our simple machine artifact display. Thanks for your support on this activity.

The scavenger hunt activity on Edheads allowed us to investigate various simple machines within our homes.Check out this interesting website and give it a go.

We thoroughly enjoyed the “Scientist the School” workshop last week to further deepen our understanding of simple machines. Many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped out with this. Using the knowledge from these experiments, the boys are going to test and race their home-made cars that they’re making in art next week and we’ll as apply it to our future building activitywith the U Can Do It woodworking company.

With the holidays just around the corner, I would  like to take this opportunity to thank the many parent volunteers who helped out with our workshops and classroom activities this fall. To everyone who was able to take the time to join us for our Tangram Fair and book launch, thank you for coming. Your support of the program and your son’s learning is greatly appreciated.I hope everyone has a fun-filled, restful and safe holiday.I look forward to reconnecting in 2018.



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Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School



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