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A message from Year 2

Dear 2F Families, 

The boys have settled well into both their new homeroom and their new routines for Year Two. Importantly, they are now comfortable with the daily expectations and activities. Thank you to all parents and family members who played a role in comforting and encouraging our boys through the first five weeks of the school year. The support, care, and positive encouragement at home all pay dividends as the boys head out to start their school day and tackle the individual challenges they will face.

As we reach the end of this unit of inquiry, you can expect the boys to be discussing at home ways in which they can positively impact their wellbeing. As part of the unit of inquiry, they will be expected to choose one step on the path towards healthy daily living. They will be practising their oral language and presentation skills as they present to the class what the impacts of this choice might be. Before they bring home a presentation template, it could help their learning if you were to highlight some of the lifestyle choices that they come across daily.

In math, we have consolidated our understanding of place value by decomposing numbers and building numbers based on the value of each digit in a number. The boys continue to build their number fluency and conceptual understanding of the different values of digits within numbers. This knowledge is now being transferred to addition. It will soon be transferred to subtraction. Concurrently the boys are working on their data management skills by gathering log minutes on reading and sleeping. Please continue to remind your sons that they need to fill out their reading log each night honestly. The value of this exercise is in the honesty and consistency of the data. 

Halloween is quickly approaching. The boys are allowed to come to the college in the morning dressed in costume – but, importantly, without any full covered face masks or weapons. They will change into their normal uniform after lunch. An email from our class parents will soon be sent regarding homeroom door decoration for Halloween. This is an excellent opportunity for the boys to have their homeroom highlighted to the rest of our community. Through the eyes of a 6-year-old boy, this is one of the most exciting moments of the year. So on their behalf, thank you to all volunteers.

There will be more opportunities for parents to volunteer. We look forward to meeting with any parents who can see their way clear to supporting student learning activities.

As we rapidly approach the November long weekend, this is a gentle reminder that the school will be closed November 8 and 11. I hope that you all enjoy that family time as well as the opportunity to recharge.


Mark Ferley