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A message from Year 2

Great learning is happening in 2F! It was wonderful meeting so many of you on Information Night last week to share what is going to be happening in our classroom this year. Many thanks again to everyone for helping your sons to be organized and on time for school, especially during these early days.  The boys continue to adjust to the new routines and as a group are managing very well. We have created our classroom ‘essential agreements’ and had fun listening to each other about our summer adventures. Between the superhero photos, our tooth graph, name plates and samples of our work posted, this classroom already looks ‘well lived in’ by your boys.

Last week, we began our first unit of inquiry entitled, Healthy Me.  The central idea of this inquiry is that ‘human actions can affect well being’.  After defining the words in the central idea, the boys have a more concrete understanding of how our health, emotional and physical, can be affected by the things that we say and do. Our provocation for this inquiry was having the boys rotate through four centres which focussed on some aspect of health. We posted some great photos of them and their comments, questions and observations while they exercised, ate nutritious snacks and played cooperatively. Feel free to check out our classroom inquiry board to view them. Throughout the next few weeks, we will be inquiring into physical health (hygiene, nutrition, exercise, rest, safety); emotional health and some strategies and skills used to promote wellbeing.  Stay tuned as the next few weeks will be filled with exciting, healthy and fun activities.


1.  UCC’s Terry Fox Run is Friday, September 28. Your son should dress in his colour house colours that day.

2. A Day is Saturday, September 29.  Please drop off and pick up your son in the 2F classroom.