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A message from Year 1

We’re thoroughly enjoying reading a variety of stories, including fairy tales, fractured fairy tales and fables in our new unit of inquiry called “Tell Me a Story.”

The boys began this unit by deconstructing a story to its elements: setting, characters, problem, climax, resolution and ending. We’ll also talk about the purpose of storytelling.

Our focus during this unit is on how people share stories to inform and/or entertain. The boys will listen to and read a number of fairy tales and fables. Afterwards they’ll rewrite them in their new creative writing notebooks. It’s been most entertaining for the whole class. They’ll continue to read, write and tell different kinds of stories in January.

As the boys move from level to level in their home reading, they’re finding the books are longer. The expectation to read for approximately 10 to 15 minutes a night hasn’t changed. The longer texts can take two to three days to complete. Keep the book at home until it’s finished.

Be watching for the Norval permission form in the agenda in the first week back. We’ll heading to Norval on Friday, Jan. 22. t

We’re fully engaged in measurement and kicking off unit four in math. The family letter describing the unit went home in the homework folders. Make sure to take a look.The boys are using imperial measurements, but we’re also discussing metric. We’re measuring many objects (including ourselves and others) using a variety of methods. We’ll also be reviewing addition and subtraction. Telling time using the phrasing, “quarter before ___” and quarter after ___” is also part of this unit.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday, Dec. 21: Last day of classes before the winter break. This will be a casual dress day and pick-up will be at 11:40 a.m.

Tuesday, Jan 9: First day back after winter break.

Have a safe and happy holiday.