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A message from Tom Babits, Primary Division head

Tom BabitsWe go to lengths in order to enrich the curriculum and deepen boys’ experiences.

Boys going on field trips are experiences you’re likely more aware of. We also bring people in. Here are a few recent examples:

Colin O’Brien (Yes, Kathryn O’Brien’s brother) facilitated a sign language workshop for Form 4 students as a part of their inquiry unit on communication on April 12.

To support their “Patterns are Everywhere” inquiry, Senior Kindergarten students observed part of the life cycle of chickens. They watched chicks hatch and grow before they left for their permanent home at Green Acres farm.

Form 4 students will go on the much anticipated Norval cycling trip in a couple of weeks. To help prepare them for that experience, Toronto police officer Strathler spoke with the students about bike safety and the rules of the road.

Form 1 students welcomed a scientist in the classroom this week as a part of their structures unit. They’re deepening their understanding of structures at Norval today.

Throughout the year, both Form 3 classes have watched as a volunteer mom and baby learn and grow together during the baby’s first year as a part of the roots of empathy program. This is a world-renowned empathy-building program and involves monthly visits by the baby and parents.

Form 5 students have benefited from the depth of knowledge and expertise within the UCC community. Each small group of boys has been working regularly with mentors for their exhibition project. There are 20 mentors involved with the Form 5 students.

We’re always looking for connections with expertise from our parents too.

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