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A message from the UCC Prep Eco Warriors

Every spring, the Eco Warriors club at UCC Prep hosts events and initiatives to celebrate Earth Week. These events are meant to raise awareness about environmental issues, and to encourage students, staff, and parents to be more aware of how they can contribute positively to the health of our planet. Earth Week was set to take place from April 20th – 24th, and Eco Warrior students have been working hard this year  to prepare a fun and educational Earth Week for all at UCC. Unfortunately, Earth Week will not be taking place as planned this year– but UCC families can still implement the following eco-friendly practices at home, brought to you by the Eco Warriors:

  • Start a vegetable garden: Growing your own vegetables is a rewarding experience, and provides your family with extra outdoor time and healthy food. If you do not have access to your own garden, consider growing some smaller vegetables and herbs indoors. You can makeshift your own mini pots using any container around the house – even egg cartons! 
  • Incorporate arts and crafts: There are many fun and engaging nature-craft ideas that you can do with your family, such as painting a birdhouse, or making your own feeder. Set them up in your yard and watch as local species come to eat. 
  • Learn about bugs: With the weather warming up, many insects are starting to emerge from their winter slumber. Bugs are so diverse and can be fun to learn about and see up close. Next time you are outside with your family, you might discover insect species you might not have known about. Bring a little jar, net, and magnifying glass to try and get a better look at any specimens you might find!
  • Start bird watching: Even if you don’t have a pair of binoculars, you can still appreciate the beauty of Ontario’s wild birds. Get younger children involved by making a Bingo game out of your search! You can also learn to identify different types of birds by their distinctive calls. 
  • Try an app: Download nature apps such as “iNaturalist” or “Merlin Bird ID,” where you can learn about your local flora and fauna, as well as contribute to the growing community database. 

In addition, International Earth Day is set to take place on Wednesday, April 22nd. You can participate on this day by taking some family time away from your screens to contribute to the annual “Earth hour.”

Thank you on behalf of the Eco Warriors!

Sydney Frank
Science Teaching Assistant – Middle Years