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A message from SK

The SK students concluded the “Who We Are” unit a few weeks ago. They are now mid-way through “How We Express Ourselves” which has a focus on play and builds on the concept of community developed in the previous unit. The central idea of the unit is “How we play together affects our community” and the lines of inquiry are: How and when we play? There is a connection between learning and play. What makes play fun? How does the learner profile contribute to how we play in our community?

We’re so pleased to see the students beginning to use strategies to prevent problems from occurring in their play before they happen, and watching as they develop their communication skills with their peers, particularly around entering and exiting group play. The provocations in the classroom have become increasingly more challenging as the boys are required to collaborate and communicate in a greater way. Our lines of inquiry have offered natural opportunities for the boys to explore the language of probability as they predict what is certain to happen, could possibly happen or is impossible in their play with friends. We’re looking forward to watching their continued growth over the remainder of the unit.

The language program in the SK classroom is in full swing. We’re so pleased to have our small groups up and running and this is a testament to the developing independence of our SK students. In our small groups, the boys have begun guided reading and sight-word practise geared to their individual readiness. We appreciate the work the SK parents are doing at home to further support their sons’ learning in the classroom through our home-reading program and we’re seeing their confidence blossoming in their daily independent reading. In addition to reading, the SKs are continuing to practise writing regularly and are quickly gaining confidence with the strategies they’re exploring.

With the unpredictable weather, we ask that all students pack hat and mitts in their backpacks to allow for mid-day changes in temperature. The boys are becoming increasingly independent in their dressing into and out of their outdoor clothing. We typically bring the boys to the cubby area 10 minutes prior to our dismissal time to allow for a stress-free opportunity to practise independence in dressing. We thank parents for waiting outside during this time as it continues to be an important part of our SK program. Likewise, as we near the halfway mark of the school year, we appreciate parent support in ensuring that the boys are entering the school as independently as possible, unpacking their belongings and completing their morning routines. We continue to be impressed by how capable our SK boys are.

Many thanks to all parents who were able to volunteer time to tie skates for our skating unit. The boys loved skating and you helped to maximize their time on the ice. We thank you for your time. We also thank the wonderful group of parents who organized and volunteered their time for Halloween. The students had a great time and we’re so appreciative of the time and effort that went into the planning. With the holiday season around the corner, we remind parents that our next unit of inquiry offers an opportunity to share your holiday traditions with the class. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to do so.

Laura Heyes and Pina Porto



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