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A message from SK

We have had a wonderful start to the year in the SK classroom. The boys have all settled into the SK classroom and we are looking forward to sharing and celebrating their success during interviews on Friday, October 13. Please note that there is no school for the boys on this day and the interviews are intended for parents and teachers only. We are delighted to see that many of the boys are now ready and choosing to use the ‘Kiss and Go’ routine outside the school. When your son is comfortable, please encourage him to say goodbye outside the school doors. Ultimately, our goal is to have all of the students enter the school independently as they ready themselves to move to Form 1.

At this time, we are well into our Who We Are unit of inquiry. The students had the opportunity to explore their classroom and school community. They are beginning to recognize the many different responsibilities within these communities and, most importantly, they are developing their understanding of how one person’s actions can affect the way a community functions. While inquiring into these communities, the students surveyed, tallied, counted and graphed our classroom birthdays and recorded simple stories about members of each community. In the days to come we will look outside of UCC and delve deeper into the family and neighbourhood community.

As part of our exploration of the UCC community, the SK students had their first visit to Norval. It was an exciting day during which the students were introduced to all of the staff and faculty in the Norval community. They had the opportunity to explore the various responsibilities at Norval which supported their developing understanding of the importance of the community working together. Each activity the boys engaged in was designed to highlight a role and a responsibility. With teacher guidance, the boys were encouraged to consider how the Norval community would be affected if one person did not complete his/her job. Some learning opportunities included meeting Mr. Evans and learning how he uses river creatures (like crayfish) to ensure that the water is unpolluted and safe for the students to swim in. Ms. Tanz introduced the boys to the honey made by the Norval bees and highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the bees in the hive. Ms. Jankowski engaged the students in some vegetable gardening and the students picked produce for their lunch. Ms. Dietrich and Mr. Gordon asked the boys to assist them in making the applesauce we all ate for lunch and Mr. Elgie enlisted the boys help in setting up cameras to learn about the Norval wildlife. It was a busy day and we were impressed with how well the boys managed on their first UCC excursion. We are looking forward to our next visit to Norval in the winter.