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Message from SK

We find ourselves remote once again, and we have continued to be so impressed with our incredibly capable and adaptable Super Kids (SKs). While we acknowledge it remains challenging, the SKs have adjusted to learning online and are showing growth in their independence and confidence in navigating our virtual platforms and tools! Our favourite part of learning in a remote setting continues to be greeting our students’ smiling faces, fostering their desire to connect, and admiring their consistent efforts. Additionally, we cannot say enough about how much we appreciate all of the support from families and caregivers who have been making this possible for us! 

We are in the midst of our Who We Are” unit, and have been busily investigating our central idea: “living things grow and change when their needs are met.” We began the unit with an investigation of how plants grow and change and were lucky enough to be in school as we began our unit, and students planted their own kidney beans! The students took responsibility for their bean care as they learned about what plants need, and they observed their bean plants as they grew! We have some very proud “green thumbs” in the class!

We have also been exploring how animals grow and change with the assistance of a bald eagle family in British Columbia. We have watched via live cam as Ma and Trooper’s (the parent eagles) eggs have hatched into two baby eaglets. Now, we are following along as the eaglets grow, change, eat, gain strength, moult, and shed their downy feathers! We will be tying in learning about our own human life cycle as we continue to explore how animals grow and change.

The SKs are continuing to grow and change as readers and writers as well! In writing, we have been working on procedural texts. They are nearly finished and the SKs are looking forward to adding “Nonfiction Author” to their long lists of SK achievements!

In our math program, we have been exploring repeating patterns. The students have used various materials to create and extend patterns, both in class and online. We celebrated our pattern learning with a Pattern Party and wore all of our patterned clothing and accessories! Next, we will be moving back into number sense work as we explore composing and decomposing numbers.

We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with our new virtual student-led conference format over the coming week. We hope both you and your children are filled with pride as they showcase their learning and growth through the activities. We’ve had the incredible pleasure of watching these students grow and change since September and we hope these conferences offer you an opportunity to celebrate all they have achieved. 

Lastly, we want to thank you again for all you are doing to support our SK learners. We could not do this without you! 

Yours in collaboration,  

Anna Crawford and Emily Browne
SK Team