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A message from SK

The SK students concluded their investigations of communities and responsibilities in relation to our ‘Who We Are’ unit last week. Our trip to Bishop Strachan School was the perfect culmination for our inquiries. Students were asked to approach the visit as researchers. They came up with questions to ask the BSS SK’s about how their community works together and observed elements of the classroom that might give them clues as to how the community runs. After a fun morning of research (and play with new friends) we had a wonderful discussion about the similarities and differences they noticed between our communities. Through our discussion, the boys came to the conclusion that we have many more similarities than differences.

We have since launched our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit, which is very much an extension of our learning about communities. The central idea of the unit is, “when we play, we can learn and grow”’ and the lines of inquiry are:

  • How and when we play?
  • There is a connection between learning and play.
  • What makes play fun?
  • How does the learner profile contribute to how we play in our community?

We know the boys are grasping the central idea when we see them using the strategies we explore as a class to prevent and solve problems in their play. As the unit progresses, the provocations for play in the classroom will become increasingly challenging as the boys are required to collaborate and communicate more productively. We began this process by introducing a single cash register into our very popular, McDonald’s-themed drama centre (an idea the students came up with!). After reflecting on videos of themselves at play, our focus so far has developed to be the strategy of role-taking to ensure inclusivity in our play. 

The language program in the SK classroom is in full swing. In our small groups, the boys began guided reading and sight word practice geared to their individual readiness. We appreciate the work that the SK parents are doing at home to further support their sons’ learning in the classroom through our home reading program and we are seeing their confidence blossoming in their daily independent reading. In addition to reading, the SK’s are continuing to practice writing in various settings and are quickly gaining confidence with the strategies they explore.

In our math program, we wrapped our unit on data collection and graphing. The students enjoy coming up with their own questions, collecting data with tally charts, and transferring their information to bar graphs. Some have even work through this process during their play! Next, we introduce the language of probability and use our new vocabulary in a variety of contexts. Our lines of inquiry offer natural opportunities for students to explore the language of probability as they predict what is certain to happen, could possibly happen, or is impossible to happen in their play with friends. We look forward to watching their continued growth over the course of this unit.

Finally, many thanks to all of the parents who volunteered their time to tie skates for our skating unit. The boys loved skating and thanks to your help, they were able to maximize their ice time. Your continued involvement and support are greatly appreciated! 

Kind regards, 

Anna Crawford