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A Message from SK

We have had such a wonderful start to the year with our group of Super Kids (SKs)! At this time, we are well into our “How We Organize Ourselves” unit of inquiry. We have been exploring the concept of communities; what communities we belong to, how communities work together, and why responsibilities are important in a community. The students have been exploring their family, classroom and school community. They are beginning to recognize the many different responsibilities within these communities and, most importantly, they are developing their understanding of how a person’s actions can impact the way a community functions. 

Investigating ‘the mystery of the painted bench’ was an exciting, student-driven way to introduce many members of the UCC community and their responsibilities to the class. The boys brainstormed possible “suspects” and made a list of interview questions we should ask each member of the community to find out whether their responsibilities would be related to painting a schoolyard bench. Our “suspects” eventually led us to the wonderful person responsible, Mr. Edgar Friars. Once the boys learned about all the work that Mr. Friars does to keep our school safe and beautiful, they wanted to find a way to express their thanks! This desire to spread kindness inspired us to join the Kindness Ninja Movement (a global movement in kindergarten classes). We took the Kindness Ninja Pledge and have been working hard to spread kindness around the school community. It has been exciting to watch the boys as they witness the impact their actions have on their community as they make others smile and inspire other classes to spread kindness. It has also been interesting to show them Kindness Ninjas from around the world and introducing the idea of a global community. 

As an extension of our learning about the UCC community, the SK students had their first visit to Norval.  It was an exciting day during which the students were introduced to the staff and faculty in the Norval community. They explored the various responsibilities at Norval, which supported their developing understanding of the importance of communities working together. Each activity was designed to highlight roles and responsibilities at Norval. We visited the kitchen, the bee hives, the ropes course, the chicken coop, the garden, and more, learning about what responsibilities need to be taken care of in each of these areas. It was a busy day and we were impressed with how well the boys managed on their first UCC excursion. We are looking forward to our next visit to Norval in the winter.

As we move forward in this unit, we will look outside of UCC and delve deeper into the responsibilities in our neighbourhood community. Looking ahead, our next unit is all about play for our “How We Express Ourselves” unit of inquiry. It is a natural extension of our current unit as we will be investigating how the way we play together affects our community. This unit will allow the boys to explore and practice the skills necessary to work and play with one another respectfully, collaboratively and supportively. 

Anna Crawford