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A message from SK

The SK students have loved inquiring about the celebrations of this holiday season. Many thanks to Veena for presenting Diwali and the German folktale of the Christmas Spider, Carolyn and Jordan for presenting Hannukah, and Jacqueline and Christy for presenting Christmas. Through each of the presentations, the boys have had the opportunity to consider the similarities of each celebration while learning to use a Venn Diagram. The recurring themes of goodness, caring and giving were often noted and it was beautiful to watch as the boys recognized and developed an appreciation for the celebrations that are so meaningful to their peers. We know that these experiences are the seeds of global awareness, tolerance, respect, and appreciation and that they will continue to be nurtured during their time at UCC.

On December 10, we visited The Bishop Strachan School (BSS) for the first of many upcoming collaborative experiences. The students had an opportunity to engage with one another and break the ice in this visit. Prior to walking over to BSS, we recorded the boys’ responses to the question “What do you know about girls?” Their preconceptions included comments such as “Girls like flowers,” “Girls do ballet” and “Girls are sweet and that would be weird to say about a boy.” Upon returning to UCC, we asked what they had learned about girls that day. One of the more significant revelations was “Girls are way faster than I expected them to be. They really like to run around!” On December 13, the girls from BSS visited UCC. The students participated in some organized, large group games before moving into some free play together. The documentation for all of our visits is posted in the SK classroom as we do not have permission to post images of the girls on SeeSaw. If you would like to see the documentation for these visits (photos and analysis), please contact me.

With the holiday upon us, parents often ask me about homework for their son. I remind families that the boys have worked hard this term. Like us, it is important for them to rest, relax and recharge. Please focus your efforts on spending good quality time with your son, share experiences together, build relationships and make good memories. Enjoy reading holiday books together and writing funny stories or jokes together. Research an interest together. Count the lights on the houses on your street, play board games with dice and make plenty of time for unstructured play.  Be sure to empower your child as we have here. Allow him to dress, tidy up after himself and take on responsibilities around the house. All of these suggestions will support the work he has done here this term.

We wish all of the SK boys and their families the most wonderful winter holiday. We hope that you enjoy all that the season has to offer. Thank you for a great first half of the school year. We look forward to watching the boys learn and grow next year!

Laura Heyes lheyes@ucc.on.ca



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