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A message from SK

The SK classroom is buzzing with excitement in these final weeks before the winter holiday. This month we will break from our PYP units of inquiry to follow the boys’ natural interests by exploring the many celebrations at this time of year. We will support the boys in developing an understanding of what people celebrate across cultures, which traditions are connected to particular celebrations, similarities and differences between celebrations, and reasons why people celebrate. The students will be introduced to the PYP profiles of being open-minded and a risk-taker, and our activities will foster respect, tolerance, and appreciation. This is always a favorite time as there are so many celebrations to partake in at this time of the year. We will spark the boys’ interest by enlisting their help in throwing a surprise birthday party for Clifford. They will brainstorm ideas for what needs to be included in this celebration including, food, decorations, lights, clothing, activities and gifts in their planning. Our next steps will be to explore these six areas as they relate to the many other celebrations at this time of year. Thank you in advance to the parents who have already volunteered their time to present a celebration to the boys. Please contact Tarryn if you would like to volunteer.

We will begin to explore coins in addition to our regular number work. We have seen exciting progress in reading and writing from all of the boys in the class and we will continue with our small group work in these areas. In addition, December offers many wonderful and authentic opportunities to apply the skills the boys are developing through letter writing, invitation writing, etc.

On Dec. 3, the boys had their first of many visits to Bishop Strachan School. This is a new and exciting partnership that we know will have a wonderful impact on the boys’ developing perceptions of girls. In the new year, we will welcome some Year 11 boys who will volunteer their time to assist in the planning and documentation of this experience.  In addition, they will spend some time volunteering in various areas of the SK classroom in an authentic example of vertical alignment between grades in the school.

Clifford is enjoying his visits to each of the students’ homes. We have been impressed with the oral presentations given by the boys so far. They have demonstrated confidence and enthusiasm and shown themselves to be effective communicators. We look forward to hearing about his adventures as he visits with the rest of the boys over the next few weeks. As is our tradition, Clifford will spend two nights with the very last boy in the class that he visits.

Kind Regards,

Laura Heyes



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