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A message from SK

The SK classroom has been a very busy place.

As part of the exploration of growth and change, boys observed the incubation and hatching of baby chicks. After hatching, the boys enjoyed learning how to care for the small chicks and interacting with them on a daily basis. The chicks were then taken Green Acres Farm. Many thanks to Sarah Barclay for her assistance with the live stream of the hatching.

The students also planned and hosted their senior buddies from Christie Gardens this month. Using their knowledge of the human life cycle, they planned an itinerary that suited the physical needs of their guests. Throughout the visit, the teachers stepped back and allowed the boys to take ownership of the visit. They knew the agenda and moved from one activity to another at their own pace. This experience developed the boys’ empathy, awareness and understanding of the world around them and should contribute to a life-long mindset of responsibility and ability to make change in the world. It also offered the boys another opportunity to develop their sense of autonomy and leadership skills.

As we head into the next few weeks, the boys will begin their final exploration of the year. The central idea of this unit is that people and plants are connected. The students will inquire into: how people care for plants; why plants are important; and how people can protect plants in nature. The unit started with a fantastic visit to Norval, where the boys enjoyed learning about the role of compost and worms in the garden. This unit is always a favourite with the students, as it offers ample opportunity to spend time in the Prep garden and concludes with the release of butterflies.

Experiences in this unit lend themselves to many natural opportunities for reading and writing. In math, the class is beginning to explore strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. The focus is always on the variety of ways that a problem can be solved rather than on determining a quick answer. Our reminder to the boys is always that we would like them to have an answer, but are most interested in learning what strategy they used to get it. This ability to be aware of their thinking is essential for success in their future school years.

As the weather becomes warmer, SK boys should ensure that they’re practising sun safety. We ask that you support this by ensuring that your son has:

  •  a hat, which should be worn during recess and physical education class;
  • sunscreen, which should be applied in the morning to ensure your son has a solid base. If you feel it’s necessary, you’re welcome to send some in your son’s backpack. We’ll give a gentle reminder to the boys to reapply at afternoon recess. We don’t apply the sunscreen for them but will talk them through it to ensure that they’re successful with a touch-up afternoon application;
  • and a water bottle to ensure that the boys rehydrate often. Long lines at the water fountain take away from instructional time and water bottles resolve this issue.

May reminders:

Sunday, May 13: Norval open house

Friday, May 18: Prep games day (casual dress, early dismissal at 11:40 a.m.)

Monday, May 21: Victoria Day (no school)

Thursday, May 24: Freezie sale

Wednesday, May 30: Primary concert

Thursday, May 31: Grandparents Day