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A message from SK

The Senior Kindergarten classroom is buzzing with excitement in these final weeks before the winter holiday.

This week marked the beginning of our third unit of inquiry. The central idea of this unit is that people celebrate events based upon tradition and culture. The boys will develop an understanding of: what people people celebrate across cultures; which traditions are connected to particular celebrations; similarities and differences between celebrations; and reasons why people celebrate. The students will be introduced to the ideas of being open-minded and a risk-taker. The unit will foster respect, tolerance and appreciation. This is always a favourite unit as there are so many celebrations to partake in at this time of the year.

We began the unit by assessing the students’ understanding of a birthday celebration by enlisting their help in throwing a surprise birthday party for Clifford. They brainstormed ideas for what needed to be included in this celebration and impressed us by including, food, decorations, lights, clothing, activities and gifts in their planning. Our next steps will be to explore these six areas as they relate to Hannukah, Christmas, Kwaanza and Chinese New Year. We’re looking for volunteers to share family traditions with our class (i.e. gingerbread decorating, etc.). Please let us know if you have any ideas and interest in doing so.

Over the next month we’ll begin to explore coins and shapes in addition to our regular number work. We’ve seen exciting progress in reading and writing from all of the boys in the class and will continue with our small group work in these areas. Our unit of inquiry offers many wonderful and authentic opportunities to apply the skills the boys are developing through letter writing, invitation writing, etc.

Clifford is enjoying his visits to each of the students’ homes. We’ve been impressed with the oral presentations given by the boys so far. They’ve demonstrated confidence and enthusiasm and shown themselves to be effective communicators. We look forward to hearing about his adventures as he visits with the rest of the boys over the next few weeks. As is our tradition, Clifford will spend two nights with the very last boy in the class that he visits.

We wish all of the SK boys and their families the most wonderful winter holiday. We hope that you’re all able to spend quality time together and enjoy all that the season has to offer. We’ll send home passwords to the online Raz-Kids reading program and the Mathletics program for your son to enjoy during some down time. Thank you for a great first half of the school year. We look forward to watching the boys learn and grow next year.

Laura Heyes and Pina Porto