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A message from Primary Division head Tom Babits

Tom BabitsWhat a lovely winter we’ve been having.

The school has been busy with sports practices, games and tournaments. The cast and crew of Shrek have been hard at work and are now putting on the finishing touches in preparation for next week’s performances. There have also been winter Norval trips and interesting inquiries supported by some eye-opening field trips. All productive, good stuff.

Through it all, boys have opportunities to unwind a bit during what I call “less structured time.” It’s a chance to play or just hang out, or transition to the next part of their day. It’s usually during such times that our hard-working and focused students have the opportunity to freely socialize and will make their own choices and negotiate relationships. And in doing that, of course, some make some mistakes.

Today I told them a personal story from when I was a child and didn’t treat my brother well. The moral of the story was about the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and saying sorry when required.

Here at UCC, we don’t expect perfection. But when mistakes are made, we want to teach responsibility. Then the learning can start for building empathy and making fewer mistakes in the future.

Perhaps that’s something to ask your son about.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your Family Day and Founders Day long weekend.