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A message from Form 2F

The Form 2 boys continue to be abuzz with healthy happenings in and out of the classroom.

Through our “Healthy Me” inquiries, we’re getting a solid understanding of how our actions — both positive and negative — can affect our well-being. Gina Suva, our school nurse, came in and taught us about germs and proper hand-washing techniques. Ask your son about her magic light and how we saw our pretend germs while using it. We also talked about the importance of getting enough rest and, during our health and life skills program, we tackled the idea of emotional health, the many types of emotions that we feel and how these feelings contribute to our overall sense of well-being. We learned about the importance of protecting our skin and the boys created their own special brand of sunscreen with protective powers. We discussed how regular visits to the dentist helps to protect our teeth. Ask your son what teeth do and some of their different jobs.

Thank you for sending in all of the wonderful, healthy recipes. Reggie Reyes and I have enjoyed reading them. The boys will receive their personal cookbooks in the next week. Happy cooking and eating.

The 2F “At Home Reading Program” was sent home last week. As outlined in the introduction letter, please help your son to plan ahead when completing the three activities. A helpful hint may be to organize three specific days in the agenda for him to complete a different activity. This way he won’t be left scrambling to get them all done at the last minute and will be able to put his best effort forward. If your reading package becomes misplaced, please don’t hesitate to get a new one from me. If your son requires assistance in locating appropriate reading material, please contact Pam Love or me and we can arrange a library visit together.

Tomorrow is our first visit to Norval. It will be a great day of outdoor exploration and yummy apple tasting.

Lastly, it was wonderful meeting with you yesterday at our parent-teacher settling-in conferences.