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A message from Form 2F

SimpleMachinesWhy were machines invented? How do machines impact our lives? What are the functions of levers, screws, wheels, axles, wedges, inclined planes and pulleys? How are simple machines incorporated into compound machines?

Welcome to 2F’s newest unit of inquiry, “Marvellous Machines.” The central idea of this inquiry is that machines are designed to do work. The students will inquire into the physics of how simple machines work, how simple machines are the building blocks of compound machines and how machines help us to do work.

Over the next two weeks the boys will be conducting interviews with various UCC staff and faculty members to learn how machines have made their lives easier. We’ll work to define and identify the functions of various simple machines and then investigate different types of simple machines through a rich variety of non-fiction resources from our library. We look forward to sharing more of our exciting machine activities with you in the coming weeks.

Writer’s workshop continues to be a huge success in 2F. The 2F authors have published their stories using the iPad application Book Creator and we’re all having a wonderful time listening to a variety of wild and exciting adventures. The creativity that has emerged is amazing. Such imaginations. The boys worked extremely hard to write their first draft by hand, teacher/peer conference about their work, self-edit their second draft and finally publish and illustrate their stories. We look forward to sharing these with you at tomorrow’s book launch. We hope you can join us.

Speaking of books, last month’s first official 2F book club was a huge success. I was very impressed with the type of literature that the boys are reading at home on a nightly basis. Their response activities were well done. We had a great time chatting about our favourite books, making reading recommendations and sharing our work. I look forward to seeing November’s work at the end of the end of this month.