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A message from Form 1G

colorfulrocksThis week’s theme is “digging in.”

After each boy was assigned a different mineral, they collected information about how it’s used in our everyday life. From there, the class created a poster using Haiku Deck on iPads to describe the way their mineral is used.

We’ve begun our inquiry into how we get different rocks and minerals from the earth. The class has been working through mining workbooks to compare the differences between surface and underground mines. Looking with a keen eye, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of mine, with special attention to the ecological impacts, safety and land use. The central idea for this unit is “knowing how the Earth works helps us to understand its value.” Keeping this in mind, our culminating activity will be to decide which mine is the best and describe which details helped to form that opinion.

In math, we continue to pay close attention to times to the half hour, adding and subtracting using a number line, and creating and extending patterns. Come check out our new classroom math wall, complete with number stories that the boys created using the “start, change, end” model.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help 1G tie skates. The boys are so excited and the teachers are very appreciative.