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A message from 1G

Unknown-1The boys are summing up their unit on choices, which has a central idea that our choices have an impact on our relationships.

We’ve discussed what makes a good friend, how to get along with each other during group work and what to do in problem situations. One big take-away is around the question: Why is it sometimes hard to make helpful choices?

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. The same thinking can be applied to helpful choices. The boys know how to solve problems and know the rules, but sometimes we make unhelpful choices nonetheless. We’ve discussed how this is OK and perfectly normal. We’re reflecting on why this happens and how we can learn from unhelpful choices.

To showcase their learning, the boys will work in small groups to record information about the many different routines that have been established in 1G that help us to make helpful choices.

This past week was also the beginning of our second math unit: “Everyday Uses of Numbers.” The boys will explore number grids, complements of 10, analog clocks, pennies (more for one-to-one correspondence, we’ll talk about the historical aspect of the penny and how it’s obsolete), nickels,and  addition and subtraction number stories.

Are you interested in drilling math at home in a less abusive fashion? Next time you go to the store for a small item, bring change and let your son select which coins to use and have him count the change.

  • How was your son’s day? Is “fine” still driving you crazy? Rather than “how was your day,” try:
  • What’s the temperature tonight? What will that feel like?
  • When is the hottest time of day? Why?
  • What’s a tally mark? Show me a tally for [pick some random number].
  • What are some routines in your classroom that help you make helpful choices? (These could include bells, settle down jar, essential agreements or a bucket filler wall.)

We had our first trip to Norval on Thursday. The boys were introduced to our new unit on rocks and minerals called “Rock n’ Roll.” We got to explore attributes of different rocks found at Norval and even came home with a new rock friend.

I so enjoyed getting to speak with you all on Tuesday during our parent-teacher interviews. Thank you for coming and spending time with me to chat about your incredible boys.

Looking forward, we’re getting ready for our Halloween celebration on Friday, Oct. 30. The boys will enjoy some games, snacks and arts rotations in the classroom. Boys can come to school in costume. We’ll change out of costumes mid-day and wear our physical education uniforms for the remainder of the day. I ask that you send your son with a bag so that he can make sure each part of his Halloween costume gets home safely.