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A few words about scholarships

Most university entrance scholarships in Canada require no separate application. All secondary school applicants to a university are automatically considered on the basis of their marks. There are exceptions to this rule, primarily for schools outside Ontario. You should always check the individual university websites under headings such as “Scholarships” or “Financial Aid” to ensure that you are familiar with their policies.

A special application form is required for national awards or for some universities’ most prestigious awards. These are usually scholarships that require very high academic standing (e.g. students on the UCC Principal’s List) and an outstanding co-curricular record. Watch the newsletter for further information which will be announced well in advance of due dates.

If you would like to research scholarship opportunities, the following websites are recommended: www.scholarshipscanada.com – this site contains all the private and public sector awards for students entering universities across Canada, and https://yconic.com/ – this site matches the student’s profile against the thousands of Canadian awards in the database.

If you are applying for a scholarship that requires a letter of reference, please remember to ask the teacher you would like to write on your behalf at least a month before the letter is due. You will be expected to fill out a Scholarship Referee Request form (see the download on the University Counselling Haiku site) and submit the completed version to your teacher.

In a few cases, such as the Chancellor’s Scholarship at Queen’s, the National Scholarship at Western, the Schulich Leaders Scholarship or scholarships at certain US colleges, applicants must be sponsored by their school and UCC is allowed to sponsor only one, two, three, or four students (it varies by institution). In the case of the Loran Scholarship (which can be held at any Canadian university), UCC is permitted to sponsor only three applicants for this award, but other students are free to apply as open candidates.

For sponsored scholarships, the following guidelines apply in order to ensure that candidates will be treated in the fairest manner possible:

  • All applications will be evaluated by the university counsellors, with input—as needed—from other teachers and administrators;
  • Students who apply Early Decision to US schools will not be eligible to be sponsored in the fall term for awards in Canada as they have indicated that their primary interest is in a non-Canadian school (they are free to apply for non-sponsored awards). If such students are denied or deferred in December by the university to which they have applied, they are eligible to be sponsored for Canadian scholarships in the winter term;
  •  In most cases, a student will be sponsored for only one national award (such as the Loran Award or Schulich Leaders Scholarship) and one university-specific award (such as the Chancellor’s Scholarship at Queen’s). You should do some research and decide what your top priorities are. A student may be nominated for additional awards if no other qualified applicants come forward;
  • Applications received after the date and time of the UCC internal deadline will not generally be considered. Exceptions will be made only if all the nominating spots have not been filled; students who meet the internal deadline will always be given preference. Students should be aware that if referees are given insufficient notice, they may feel they will not have time to write an effective letter and therefore decline the request.
  • In order for a student to be sponsored, the College must have every confidence in the candidate’s integrity and good character.

It is important to realize that the bulk of scholarships and awards do not require school sponsorship or separate applications; all interested and qualified students may compete for these.

Don’t forget that we are hosting an information session about Canadian scholarships at lunchtime on Thursday, May 25 in Room 127. Please attend if you want to get an early start on your research!