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September 29 | Rowan’s Day

In March of 2018, the Ontario government passed a law known as Rowan’s Law. Designed to protect athletes and to educate parents and guardians, coaches and officials about the dangers of head injuries, it is the first law of its kind in Canada and benefits both athletes and non-athletes.

By increasing concussion awareness and knowledge, we can change Ontario’s culture around sports, physical activity and injury. Rowan’s Law will make it easier for those who experience concussions to SPEAK UP, get the help they need, and take the time necessary for recovery, with the support of everyone around them.

UCC has worked to create policies to make sport safe for players at risk of concussion. We have partnered with parents, coaching staff, and the players to ensure concussions are handled in a timely and safe way, in keeping with Rowan’s Law and the spirit of smart play.

UCC is committed to celebrating Rowan’s Law Day on September 29, 2020. We will be wearing purple shirts at the Prep, and using the hashtag #RowansLawDay on all events posted to social media. The Prep will also share information about Rowan’s Law at the next Prep assembly.

Thank you for your participation in keeping our players safe.

Prep Leadership Team