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A message from Year 2

“Marvelous Machine” inquiries continue to be abuzz in 2F. For the past few weeks we have continued our investigations into the mechanics of how simple machines work through a variety of hands-on learning experiences. What fun! Scientist Natalie from Scientists in the School visited and we engaged in a variety of experiments. We learned to make predictions, record observations and see simple machines in action. Next, Mr. Richard from U Can Do It came and taught us how to make catapults. We learned to hammer nails into wood and work the table vices. Once our catapults were finished, we had a great time seeing how far we could shoot marshmallows through the Prep hallways – a true lever in action! Finally, the boys designed city playgrounds with crazy cool examples of their “dream” equipment in them. Within each piece of equipment, the boys had to identify the simple machines they included.  These are posted on the bulletin board outside of our classroom; please take a peek. The boys can look forward to our final activity  – playing with, and possibly programming, their own Cosmo Robot in design class.

Calling all publishers … Creative writing using the “writer’s workshop process” will formally begin next week. We will continue on with the awesome learning that began in 1G with the unit, “Tell Me a Story.” The boys will work on brainstorming story ideas, write first drafts, learn to edit and revise their own work, conference and finally publish their masterpieces. Stay tuned to more news about this in future Heads Up publications.

Thank you in advance for sending in some money so they can purchase a treat at the bake table.

Lisa Fleming