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2014 exam timetable available

Download available:
December 2014 Exam Schedule

The exam timetable has been made available for all students. Jody McLean has held an IB2 boarders exam workshop and Mary Gauthier has held a Foundation Year boarders exam workshop.  The IB1 workshop will happen early next week.  Ms. McLean has also been working individually with students to help them put together study plans to meet their individual needs.

Some boys’ study plans are designed to help them balance ongoing co-curricular obligations while preparing for exams; other boys’ study plans are allowing them to complete term assignments while preparing for December exams. Our dean of academics, Dr. Julia Kinnear, connected with boys while walking about the boarding houses this past Monday evening.  She gauged student workload and gave helpful hints to boys who’ve recently returned from sickness or injury.

On any given night there are associate house advisers and residential assistants on duty ready to assist with specific math, science, French, history, geography and film questions the boys might have when putting the finishing touches on term work or preparing for the first exam.

The IB2 exams begin two weeks tomorrow, on Friday, Dec. 5.  To that end, the senior house advisers have deemed the halls of Seaton’s and Wedd’s to be a permanent “quiet zone.”  Boys in Year 1 and Year 2 that don’t write exams have been asked to take their social activities to designated social areas like the main floor common rooms or the basement game rooms.

Aramark Foods is doing its best to assist the boys. This weekend we’ll begin offering morning brunch beginning at 10:30 a.m. and still running until the normal 1 p.m.  We believe that one extra hour of food service on Saturday and Sunday will better serve the boys’ study habits in the weeks leading up to exams and during the exam period.

Please reach out to your son’s senior house adviser if you’ve any specific questions related to exam preparation for your son.