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1L update on learning

Dear 1L families,

Thank you for coming to meet with me last Tuesday at our three-way conference. It was a pleasure hearing the boys speak about their highlights, accomplishments, and the goals they set for themselves moving forward. Your son will continue to work hard to achieve the goal that he has set. Feel free to check in with him to see how it is going. 

We had a wonderful day at Norval last Friday. The boys used their open-mindedness to solve the mystery of the eaten pie. After meeting and interviewing the raven, raccoon, rabbit, coyote and wolf, the evidence pointed to the wolf. The boys took on various perspectives and were able to solve the case. 

We are beginning a new unit entitled Sun and Earth, and we will be focusing on the impact the sun has on the earth. The central idea is: the movement of our planet creates cycles that impact life. 

This will be broken up into four main components: 

  • the sun as energy
  • the sun’s impact on living things
  • cycles (day and night, seasons and the water cycle)
  • the earth as part of the solar system. 

Looking ahead, we will be exploring energy chains and talking about the transfer of energy from one object to another. We follow this with a discussion on rotations, tilts and orbits and how seasons and time are created. The boys seem really excited as their questions are out of this world!

In our new math unit, we have been thinking about place value. We are constructing and deconstructing numbers using base ten materials actively thinking about how the location of the digit affects the value of the number. Following this, we learn the “greater than” and “less than” signs and incorporate them into various activities and games. We are consolidating our learning through math talks. The boys are becoming more comfortable sharing how they got to an answer rather than simply sharing the answer. We use phrases such as:

  • I know this because 
  • I noticed that 
  • I agree because 
  • My first step was

We have added a new routine called Mad Math to our day in which the boys answer 60 addition questions in 5 minutes. This routine helps promote accuracy and speed in mental computation. 

On Feb. 13, the boys celebrated Valentine’s Day. The boys had the chance to go to the bake sale, engage in crafty activities, and exchange Valentine’s cards.

Feb. 18 is the 100th day of school, an annual day of celebration. We will be celebrating this fun event with the SK class. The boys engage in various math centers sorting 100 objects, creating structures with 100 items, creating and extending patterns, and exploring different ways of constructing 100. You will receive a note about our 100th day of school soon. 

Thank you for your continued collaboration,

Sophie Lurz
Year 1 Teacher and Form Adviser